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Next Event March 30, 2024
Language English
Venue Online/Zoom or in Person
Venue Address Online
City/State/Country Raleigh, NC
Hours 9-7
About the Event - Unlock your clairvoyant abilities and create vivid mental videos to manifest your desires - Amplify your intuition to become a magnet for positive life experiences - Tune in to your Higher Self and guide to receive continuous guidance for the highest good. - Enhance your intuition about others using the science of psychometry for increased accuracy- Discover powerful strategies to boost your income effortlessly - Elevate your business and sales performance with proven techniques - Master the art of attracting and maintaining meaningful relationships for personal and professional success - Harness the power of your mind for healing, both for yourself and others - Overcome obstacles hindering your success and unleash your full potential - Ignite your creativity and become a more innovative thinker - Embrace the superior version of yourself and unleash your true potential - Learn the secrets to restoring and maintaining perfect health for a vibrant life - Create prosperity in every aspect of your life by learning to consciously create your reality - Experience guided decision-making with heightened intuition in every area of your life - Create serendipitous moments and manifest positive coincidences - Master the art of relaxation and understand the distinctions between active and passive meditation - Develop and refine your ESP to detect and correct problems and dis-orders effortlessly - Explore the world of Remote Viewing and learn how to utilize this skill for personal growth and the well-being of others. - Amplify your intuition to a level where you can effortlessly shape your path to success, purpose, and fulfillment You'll receive the - 2 days online (via Zoom) course OR IN PERSON (Raleigh, NC), - 3 PRIVATE Coaching after the completion of the course - Workbook PDF If you wish to PARTICIPATE IN PERSON, the location is going to be in Raleigh, NC (venue TBD) PAYMENT PLAN IS AVAILABLE but the balance needs to be paid in full by the first day of class.
Requirements - Open mind - Open heart - Be present - Minimum age requirement 16 years
Tuition Participation with the additional 3 Private Coaching: $888 Participation ONLY in the 2-day training, without the Coaching is $597
Phone for Info 8053004720

Instructor Info

Full Name Fruzsina Varga
Profile Fruzsina is a Certified Instructor of the Silva Ultramind ESP System, a Board-Certified Master Coach and Trainer specializing in NLP, Time Line Therapy®️, and Hypnotherapy. Concurrently, she is pursuing her graduate studies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Neuro-Counseling at Bradley University. With a rich background and diverse training in Quantum healing, Integrative Personal Development, ESP, Intuition Development, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Counseling, Fruzsina brings over 15 years of experience to her private practice. Her approach is person-centered and solution-focused, rooted in mindfulness principles that provide clients with self-empowering tools to attain inner peace, harmonious alignment, mental clarity, and joy. Fruzsina firmly believes in the inherent potential within each individual to lead a fulfilling life, viewing the healing journey as a transformative path toward uncovering one's core essence and inner wisdom. In her role, she actively supports clients in the discovery and embodiment of their authentic selves, guiding them to establish a robust and stable bridge to a meaningful and fulfilled life. Fruzsina has been dedicated to offering Transformational Mindset, and Mental Health-Improving Programs, providing clients with self-empowering tools that facilitate rapid, lasting transformation and results.
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