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Full Name Klemen Mihelic
Profile Silva UltraMind in Slovenia gives H.O.P.E to Darfur I believe that we should be an example from our own life and to inspire others. That is what I am trying to do in Slovenia. "I am not a priest and I made many mistakes in my life..." are my words at the beginning of my seminars. Later through the seminar I explain to my students what I have changed in my life using Silva techniques. That is what I believe gave them hope to change their own life too. That is something they also can do. I do not pretend to be more than they are. I just show them the way to become better. I want them to believe that everybody can change for the better..., and I don't accept the word "Impossible." We all can!!! That is exactly the same thing I did with H.O.P.E. I showed to the people that an ordinary man can change "impossible" situations for a better. To help thousands of people with "simple" idea with cameras. That is why we have a big support of Slovenian people to help Darfur. I'm not a millionaire to donate one percent of my money. I gave a lot more than I can afford. But it was worth it. Very few people know about the programming and Mental Video, but our results inspire them anyway.
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