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Full Name Pruthvi Mahalingu
Profile Pruthvi is a Silva UltraMind ESP system instructor, NLP Practitioner certified from NFNLP, USA.<br />After completing her Master degree in Biotechnology she was very keen to pursue research. Throughout her academic pursuit, she obtained a basic understanding of the human physiology, how the body functions/dysfunctions and so on. In parallel, she was especially intrigued to see many alternative healing approaches alleviating the "so-called" incurable diseases. This led the researcher in her to sit up and look closely at the deeper root cause of all our maladies- the link between the mind and the body. That is when she took up Silva UltraMind ESP system and was astonished with the method it connected the mind and body and decided to become an instructor of it. These mystical and metaphysical revelations catapulted her to seek who she really wanted to be. The world of holistic healing opened doors to a new dimension of awareness and since then there has been no looking back to this 'inner transcend' and she has started her research work in Psycho-Neuroimmunology.
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