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Next Event September 2, 2023
Language English & Hindi
Venue Online Zoom
Venue Address Zoom
City/State/Country Pune
Hours 9am to 6pm IST
About the Event 2-Day Intensive from 9 am IST to 6 pm IST | Breaks at Regular intervals| 2 Months of Mastery Calls which include Practice sessions & Q & A Sessions and Weekly Home plays with 12 calls / 2 months | 1st Month - 2 Calls/week over Zoom with Practice sessions & two home plays for each week | 8 Calls - 1st Month | 2nd Month - 1 Call/ Week along with practice sessions & home plays for each week | 4 Calls - 2nd Month | FREE LifeTime Repeat of the 2 Day Silva UltraMind ESP Webinar at a nominal Sitting cost | Option to be part of 2 months of support calls at nominal cost | Whatsapp Community Support What will be covered in the 2 Days of Silva UltraMind ESP Class? Listen to Swamy Pillai's Video:
Requirements Good wifi | Preferably a laptop than a phone | Preferably an earphone | A room where you are not disturbed by other family members | Dairy and Pen | A glass of water
Tuition Whatspp on +91 9970052195 for Investment of this 2 month Program and early bird offers.
Phone for Info +91 9970052195

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Full Name Sivaramaswamy Pillai
Address Equilife Homes
City/State Pune
Phone +91 9970052195
Profile At the early age of 17, in the year 2000, his father introduced him to the concept of the Universe and taught him, how to relax his mind and connect with the UNIVERSE and ask for help. Swamy didn’t use it until four months later in a sudden turn of events, his father passed away in a road accident. Swamy was guided to apply the knowledge he received from his father and since then he had been regularly guided by the UNIVERSE, his life was flooded with a series of coincidences and since then his life has never been the same again. Inspite of financial constraints because of his father’s sudden demise, he never had to compromise on his Dreams. He got into the Engineering college he wanted to in 2001 in spite of all odds. While he was getting things most of his needs fulfilled in spite of lack of resources because of his connection with the Universe, he would feel bad about the way his colleagues at the college were compromising with their life because of the lack of resources and their ignorance about the help that was available to them from the UNIVERSE. It was in the year 2002 when he decided that he will share this Specialised Wisdom of Connecting with the UNIVERSE with the world at the appropriate time, so that, people need no longer go through life’s challenges all alone, but avail help from Universal Intelligence, which is available for everyone. After working in various roles in different industries from 2005 to 2009 and after attending numerous international Mind Training programs he quit his corporate job to follow his passion full-time & started offering Certified Mind training programs in 2009. In 2012 he started exploring various life-altering therapies and got certified and started offering one-to-one Life Coaching sessions and continues to offer them to date. He is a Certified Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor and offers his Silva Classes online. He conducts regular Silva Support sessions to Nurture all his Silva Graduates to deepen their learning. He is also a certified Silva Success Coach. As mentioned earlier he got introduced to the philosophy Jose of Silva by his father in 2000 and he attended his first Official Silva Class in the year 2007 with Silva BLS Program and got introduced to Silva UltraMInd ESP in 2008. He has been directly trained by many Silva Instructors over the period of the last 15 years from the Silva fraternity like Bimol Rakshit, Anneke Riewald, Hemil Shah, Saai Nirmala, Ed Berd & Jr, Kathrine Sandusky, and indirectly by scores of other Silva Instructors like Jose Silva, Juan Silva, Pepe Romero to name a few. He is a Certified Life-Coach & Therapist specializing in the area of Judgements & Abuse in Relationships. He keeps exploring new-age tools of transformation & has got scores of International Certifications under his belt. He uses the expertise of all his certifications and life experiences in his One to One and Group Coaching Intervention sessions to bring about an inner shift in the perception, and belief and thus brings about a dramatic shift in the overall outlook in his client's life. He is also a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness and offers 1 Day of Access Bars Class and 3.5 Day of Access Foundation class in Pune and other main cities across India. He is also a Certified Being You facilitator and offers his 4hr Being You Intro, 1-Day, and 2.5-Day Weekend Being You Adventure classes online and also in-person. He shares his wisdom from his life experiences and offers classes on Getting Help from the Universe with his unique flagship 4-Month offering “Exploring Connection with Your Universe” and 2-Month Silva Ultra Mind ESP Program. Swamy Pillai regularly offers One to One Life- Coaching sessions to his clients in the area of relationships, money, self-esteem, health, and entities online, by phone & in person. For any details about his Workshops and One to one & Group Interventions, you can reach out to Swamy Pillai on his mobile @ +91 9970052195 or [email protected]. In case his mobile number is not reachable send a WhatsApp message, and he will revert back soon. Swamy Pillai looks forward to meeting you in person someday.
Hobbies Outdoors, Music, Reading Self Help-Books
Special Interests Music, Exploring Human Behavior